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Completed Projects

We’re Shuvam Construction Pvt Ltd, a certified Real Estate Development Firm, dedicated to helping clients develop their ideas into tangible properties since 1999. Over the years, we’ve worked in dozens of projects, and we strive to learn from each experience in order to deliver high quality results to future clients.

Have a look at all the projects we’ve worked on in the past, and get in touch to commission one of your own.

Completed Projects: Developments
Aditya Mansion.jpg
Shuvam Royale.JPG
Shuvam Elegance.jpg

Aditya Mansion
Area - Surya Nagar

Shuvam Royale

Area - Ghatikia

Shuvam Elegance
Area - Surya Nagar

Shuvam Palace.jpg
Shuvam Daitari Enclave.jpg

Shuvam Palace
Area - Chandrasekharpur

Royal Residency
Area - Forest Park

Shuvam Daitari Enclave
Area - Patia

Asok Charu Niwas.jpg
Kalpataru Residency.jpg

Asok Charu Niwas
Area - Kharabela Nagar

Area - IRC Village

Kalpataru Residency
Area - Surya Nagar

Shuvam Residency Ph - I.jpg
Shuvam Residency Ph II.jpg
Shuvam Residency III & IV.jpg

Shuvam Residency Ph - I
Area - Patia

Shuvam Residency Ph - II
Area - Patia

Shuvam Residency Ph - III
Area - Patia

Shuvam Residency III & IV.jpg
Shuvam Homes.JPG
Raini Residency.jpg

Shuvam Residency Ph - IV
Area - Patia

Shuvam Homes
Area - Patrapada

Raini Residency
Area - Raghunathpur Jali

Royal Enclave.jpg
Raj Kishore Villa.jpg

Royal Homes
Area - Vivekananda Marg

Royal Enclave
Area - Chandrasekharpur

Raj Kishore Villa
Area - Sastri Nagar

Swastik Enclave.JPG
Ashutosh Vihar.jpg
Shyam Sundar Enclave.jpeg

Swastik Enclave
Area - Vivekananda Marg

Ashutosh Vihar
Area - Vivekananda Marg

Shyam Sundar Enclave
Area - Old Town

Rama Bhramar Palace.jpg
Khemlata Palace.jpg
Parvati Villa.jpg

Rama Bhramar Palace
Area - Bomikhal

Khemlata Palace
Area - Vivekananda Marg

Parvati Villa
Area - Lewis Road

Biswanath Villa.JPG
WhatsApp Image 2022-04-28 at 3.03_edited.jpg

Biswanath Villa
Area - Vivekananda Marg

Shuvam Villa
Area - Shastri Nagar

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